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You are still lost despite the expensive course you have bought for your online business?

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With the 4 times 2 hours Bootcamp, we clarify what you are trying to achieve, launch as product or service, see what program/courses you are using in order to help you if any, and where you are  getting stuck and need more precise help to stop confusion, ditch overwhelm use your the courses you have bought without wasting more time and energy right away

Price: 200

When the excitement of finally making the decision to buy a program to launch your business hits the road of action, reality sets in.

  • How am I going to go about the different steps? 
  • What do I do in which order? 
  • How do I use this material when I clearly have no idea how to use the tools suggested?
Stop Overwhelmed Take control of your life

Yes, even best created courses and programs have a limitation in how much you can use them Let me explain quickly why this is and how this works, because your confusion should not become the brakes to your using those programs to their fullest extend :

So let’s take a look at how this is all set up so you can do the same soon without getting lost in
the confusion-overwhelm labyrinth.
It helps to realize that there are several levels of programs and each of them builds on the
relationship and level of awareness people you will want to work with have already achieve.

At the bottom of the options are the simplest, cheapest “how to”, short videos or pdf that explains how the whole landscape looks like in what you want to achieve. What you are reading now is a perfect example. I am taking a known pain point: your enthusiasm to create a new, independent life style for yourself and your family and helping you understand all the levels you will need to go through to create it and I do this what we could call the “bird’s eye view” perspective.

You will in effect draw the full map your program or coaching takes them through to achieve their goal, flying over the steps as if they were a landscape , so that when your client start their journey they have become somewhat aware of the possible outcomes (many of which they did not know even were possible!) and, at the same time, warned them that it will take time and work to get there, eliminating from the onset day dreamers and tyre kickers that would not be the best people to work with.

They are however totally insufficient in terms of putting things into action just from there for the majority of us. Which is the reason why, you will see that I have created steps mini programs or offers to help you take off in the shortest time possible, utilizing all the good stuff you have already bought and are about to use without getting stuck on this or that issue.

So what comes next?

The next step in giving help to your future clients, you may want to offer a live “get together” especially if you are not sure how to present your skills nor how an audience who does or does not know you will take to your presentation.


What you need to know?

The Bootcamp is a “dot connector” of what you already know but may not be used to its fullest extend nor the correct order. in the accompanying workbook, you prepare the sessions of 2 hours each every other day, work on the points that held you back, and get them checked at the following meeting. Small, hands-on, the Bootcamp fills the gap between lofty and long courses and the confusion you experience that drives you to despair, alone in front of your computer

So let’s make a look at how this is all set up so you can do the same soon without getting lost in the confusion-overwhelm labyrinth. It helps to realize that there are several levels of programs and each of them builds on the relationship and level of awareness people you will want to work with have already achieved.

This short live program is designed to get you out of the bottlenecks we all have initially whilst creating a product or service. Despite the high-quality courses, we lack the experienced hand-holding that gets you beyond that feeling of frustration, incomprehension, and despair. I send you the explanation of why this is so and how we are solving it, quickly, efficiently, and without fuss in a few sessions. 

Price: 200

So how do we apply it here between us and what can I offer you to help you find your dot connectors?

Well, it will be a series of hands on bootcamps where we go through what you have, what you can articulate about your desired outcome what you think is the stumbling block and how to reorganize all this in a coherent short series of steps you can take immediately to create an action plan which answers your own skills sets and current hangups.

However, if you connect with the audience you think you want to work with and tick the boxes of your criteria with them in this way, you end up with an audience that connects first on a human level and then recognizes that you can really get them out of whatever situation they want to escape from towards a goal you both enjoy reaching. When difficulties occur, they will first think of you as a fellow human being who is a little further on the way they want to be and have less difficulties reaching out to you to help them get over what ever they are struggling with right now. Makes sense?

What do you populate your bootcamp sessions with ? Again you do not need to reinvent the wheel – the key is to be clear of who you will have pleasure and fun working with in the long run, will want to make very successful and want to talk to again and again without avoiding them in the streets as pain in the neck, as is too often the case when we do not choose our clients carefully.

Simple right? Ok stop for a second and think, how will you phrase the happy outcome of working with your favorite client? Don’t try and be over clever in the story. We have this innate ability to transform perfectly normal relationships into confusing marketing goblydoog that totally paralyses your inner common sense and faculty to speak to fellow human beings, you know this old fashioned skill prior to SM. ? So keep it K.I.S.S (Keep it stupidly simple)

How will you set yours up?

Again no need for extraordinary skills. Can you see how a conversation which engages the deepest worries of someone you will have great pleasure in helping is simple to unfold? Where do people you want to work with hang around? In your local restaurant? Your art gallery or shop? Are they online and if so on which platform? Do they read old fashioned magazines? Are they part of communities you also take part in? There are tons of ways to engage conversations and tons of permutations on how to find ways to have that cup of Coffee with them .

Note: at this stage I have not had to create anything particular apart from the option to join a mailing list. I have not needed to create a website, buy a complicated app or hired a thousands $ copy writer to communicate with you. At worst you saw the initial invitation on an ad ( if I decide to do it) but it is probably not necessary to get 25 people to join on a fun, extremely valuable to answer their concern few hours .




Days One  | 9am - 3pm 
Group Instruction with intermittent breaks throughout the day

Days Two | 9am - 3pm 
 One-on-One One Hour Zoom call 

Days Three | 9am - 3pm 
One-on-One One Hour Zoom call

Day Four | Launch!
One-on-One One Hour Zoom call

Price: 200