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Liane Montagne is the no frills coach and consultant that make her students leap over self created obstacles. Her client call her iron focused and K.I.S.S result oriented whilst having an exceptional overview on connecting the dots in a person’s business or personal life”


Use My Proprietary Dot Connecting Framework That Immediately Allows You To Use What You already Know to Create Your own Income Stream

This Framework is creating consistent results for entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, therapists, teachers, and applies to virtually any kind of business you can think of.

 I will personally walk you through the Exact Framework, Formulas, and Checklists we use in my company to rapidly move unused know how you have from all the programs sitting your HD but did not get you to activate your income stream and experience into successful products and services- and this is all standard as part of the 4×2 Dot Connector Bootcamp .

Value £ 3500

Join Today For Only £ 200

Dot Connector - Master the framework you can take to solve all your product creation issues

You already have a huge treasure chest of know how and experiences ; Most of us also have gigantic libraries of bought programs we started but eventually stalled upon for a variety of reasons. By using the Dot connector framework , you avoid reinventing the wheel and learn where to find the answer or the trigger in your environment already at your finger tips without buying more stuff, getting more overwhelmed or generating more confusion.

Here’s Our Schedule For the 4x2 dot connector Bootcamp





Value £ 3500

Join Today For Only £ 200

“Liane, Do I Really Need To go Over Programs I already have?”

The purpose of the dot connector Bootcamp is to use what you have learnt to finally complete and launch your own product or service by clearing bottle necks, frustrations, and challenges in a series of focused work sprints that will produce the perfect answer to their predicament. These are the issues you will solve during the bootcamp

1. What do you know, what do you think are the issues holding you back, how far are you in the creation and launch process?

2. Exactly what do you know about your prospective client problem, and what do you know about how to solve it?

3. How does your solution work, and how does it overcome the pitfalls from which all the other similar products suffer?

4. How do you price it and how do you make it irresistible ?

5. What is YOUR fastest way to market and results: you are doing everything yourself, you are getting help doing it, you are delegating some or all of the process to someone else.

Those are just the opening questions in this dialogue between today’s you frustrated, overwhelmed and confused and the entrepreneur who is going to make regular sales to the right clients.. Most socalled “guru’s programs” don’t help you actually solving a lot of these questions. That’s why most programs you buy, despite been “very good” don’t make you generate sales.

Perhaps you have a drive full of such programs.

Or perhaps you are already offering products or services online, and you’re not making sales. You may now just be catching a glimpse of the reason why if you haven’t all the moving part in a working process.

In this 4 days Dot connector Bootcamp you and I are not only going to answer those five questions,
we’re going to walk through at least a half dozen more. We are also going to use a 12-point checklist that helps you

-complete all the steps to have a complete product
– identify and resolve your bottle necks
– Make sure you are targeting a perfectly audience you will love to assist or service you can sell to a clearly waiting audience that will get you results.

If you haven’t yet made any sales, it’s possible that the product you will launch at the end of this Bootcamp will mark the official and actual birth of your business.

What if you join this bootcamp, you clear up all your bottlenecks tech , strategy and mindset finish to create your product or service (and get feedback from the group of like minded problem solvers), and you find your income finally making its first appearance in your bank account or you double, triple what you generated? What if you even saw your revenue multiplied by a factor of 10?

While I cannot guarantee a single sale (or a single £) to you, I can tell you that unless you have an actual product or service ready for someone to BUY NOW, you will not go anywhere. And getting that initial offer out, is the most important thing you will do both for your confidence and bank account .

Getting your first sale is the most magic moment in a business and forever changes your relationship with your market, money, self worth, confidence and creativity . You move from the hunted, the buyer, to the hunter or provider, the seller.

I have seen so many people literally blooming from the moment they crossed that first hurdle and never look back . I have seen so many people 5X or 10X their sales just by making sure they used the knowledge in the programs they bought or used the K.I.S.S solution we provide to drastically improve their bottom line, I am no longer surprised by it.

It always makes me happy to witness though! And I want you to have that feeling too. Won’t you join us?

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Here’s The Reason We’re Doing This Together

Until now, the only way to get this training was to enroll in one of my marketing programs in reach ! for £ 3,500

So why am I making it available for this low price of one single payment of £ 167 ?Here’re three reasons why…

1.  I want to help. Too many are suffering from the current situation, disrupting families, businesses and lives. With more and more people having to pivot in their usual activities there is a lot of needless suffering. So often, when I listen to someone having bought expensive courses, not been able to recover their investment and desperate to kick start a new life, to take care of their family, all I see are mostly just a few tweaks to trigger a total life change.

The sales you need to make are just a few steps away but you need to take the right ones.. … the ONLY thing I do is make you realize that you already have all you need inside you and adjust the tools you need to get it out in the world.

2.  I want to prove that I can help – by actually helping.That may sound a novel idea, but you know how much confusion is in the market place, in the after sale service and in the necessary implementation. It is easy for me to share the insights I have collected over decades of entrepreneurship from mind set to step by step implementation to give you GREAT value and great result.

3.  My not so hidden agenda: maybe you’ll invest more with us at some point in the future.

Let’s say you join my team and I for the Bootcamp.

If the only thing it did for you was help you understand exactly how to use all your existing resources and experience and your customers’ motivations for buying from you (and reasons for not buying from you) … wouldn’t that be worth £ 167 ?

Or, if the only thing going through this bootcamp does for you is trigger that magic first sale or the next step of magic recurring sales, adding perhaps one sale a week to your revenue (52 sales a year) … would that be worth £ 167?

In fact, even if the only thing enrolling in the bootcamp did for you was functioned as an automated “magic product or service successful creator” for your business, tirelessly and meticulously making the perfect sale every time … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week … would that be worth at least £ 167?

Well, the Dot connector Bootcamp won’t do a single one of those things ! it does them ALL. And so much more! let’s do this, this is going to be totally liberating and fun!

Value £ 3500

Join Today For Only £200

Enroll Now And Get These 3 FREE Bonuses -Worth AT LEAST 10X Your £ 167 Enrollment Fee

|| FREE BONUS #1-Preparatory worksheet so you arrive with all the element you need to assess your own optimized path to market in a glance : In this initial assessment we are cutting at the roots of what keeps preventing you adding a buy button to your offer by you understanding what causes your causes the bottlenecks. You remove the guessing, identify the nature of your obstacles mind, strategy, tech or others . You are ready to tackle the first live session with a clear assessment of your perceived road blocks . In fact I am not giving you only ONE worksheet but you will be able to advance between each session with similar confidence boosting preparation

|| FREE BONUS #2 – A full series x number of 3 min videos which tackle pretty much every step you need to cover in order to Create that magic first sale.. You can use these over and over again to debunk and create as many winning offers as you want!

|| FREE BONUS #3- Call on a 30 min of Personalized consult you can use anytime between booking and completion of the bootcamp to help you solve any particular issue you want more help with . Or use me to help plan the growth of your business as you move from stuck to developing a new vision of your future. 

Value £ 3500

Join Today For Only £ 167

What Is The Schedule and Agenda?

 What Is The Schedule?

The challenge takes place the week of Monday, January 17, 2022. Class will begin promptly at noon Eastern time, and it will last no more than two hours each day.

 Will This Work For My Business

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 How Long Do I Have Access?

If you are human and you want to use your experience to help others enjoy the fruits of your experience and IF YOU ARE COACHABLE, it will work

 Is There A Refund Policy?

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 Is This Going To Be Live?

The challenge is definitely live – me and my team will be right here with you the whole time

 What If I Don’t Finish during the official Bootcamp period?

Reformulate in own words If you upgrade to VIP, you get downloadable versions of all the recordings so you can repeat the process, or even complete the process, whenever you like.

 What Forms Of Payment Will You Accept?

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Value £ 3500

Join Today For Only £ 200

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