Stop Overwhelmed Take control of your life

When You Feel Overwhelmed STOP and Take Back Control

When You Feel Overwhelmed STOP and Take Back Control

When feeling overwhelmed causes your progress to come to a grinding halt, it’s time to discover new ways to deal with the enormous amount of work you have to accomplish as a solo entrepreneur.

And it does not stop when you are ready to get help, so getting the right reflex to spot and deal with being overwhelmed is a foundation to getting a long stretch of happy and lucrative activity without affecting your health and well being .

Today you can be particularly overwhelmed by the rapid pace the world is changing and how technology is steaming ahead. Never before has the world moved at such a fast pace and presented so much to learn and understand.

A lot to Learn does not need to lead to been overwhelmed

As an entrepreneur, there is much to do and learn every day. There are also people demanding your time and the competition is always forging ahead. If you recognize the tell tales signs of this spiral, you are well ahead to finding solutions to deal with too much to do .. Somehow, you regain control and stop the downward spiral.

The best step to take when you’re feeling overwhelmed is to stop and analyze what’s happening. It may be hard to do because your instinct is to keep pressing forward in a panic – even if you’re not accomplishing anything significant.

overwhelmStop and think

As a business person, you have to be present every day and be productive if your business is going to succeed. But there are also demands from other areas of your life – family, friends and taking some time for yourself.

If those needs aren’t met, your life will seem unfulfilling and you may get overwhelmed. To gain control of your time and efforts, you first need to know what your priorities are. No one can do everything at once (even those who think multi-tasking is the way to go).

Transform overwhelm into priorities

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose those priorities and they may all seem equally important. Of course, your first priority should be your own well-being. If you don’t take care of yourself both mentally and physically, then you won’t be able to enjoy your success.

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Then make sure you focus on your family.

If you don’t have their support, relationships may be damaged and everything you’ve worked for will crumble. Most often you are setting up a business to make life much better for all of you but you will necessarily bring about some changes in the way things run at home
Think of how you can simplify things so no one feels overwhelmed and therefore stressed out .
Reorganize daily activities, make sure everyone gets a fair share of what is needed to be done, cut out everything that is not an absolute priority whilst leaving yourself time together.

The next priority to cut out overwhelmed should be your business – and for entrepreneurs, it’s likely to be a higher priority than for most people.

After all, you’re not simply dealing with a 9-5 job. Things are bound to pile up and you may be projecting into the future and not dealing with the present moment. This can cause confusion and feelings of panic.

When you’re dealing with what you can do right now, you’re practicing mindfulness, which is needed to focus and you’re putting the “what ifs” in the background to address at a later time. It’s not a skill that most of us are born with, because frankly we have at first no idea what is a priority and what is not, this is why it makes absolute sense to get help and support inthe early stages to get you on the right path then keep you on track when your business is growing

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Accept that you’re going to feel overwhelmed sometimes.

It’s the nature of the business. But it doesn’t need to cause you to become paralyzed. Stopping to assess the situation and create a plan of action can put you back on track. Dealing with exactly those topics and helping you create plans is what we do in our programs and consulting . Have you seen our monthly program yet ?

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One last big, big tip
Don’t think in terms of activities you “got”to do but in terms of outcomes you want to reach
Your vision is something that gets developed like a muscle .
the more you allow yourself to look ahead, hte more details and options you will see
The next step is not to fall prey to confusion nor getting overwhelmed , but learning to integrate and reprogram , clarify and define your outcomes better and better .

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More on that when we talk .

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