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Start Your Own Business Now? Never Been A Better Time!

It’s Mayhem but yet never been a better time to start your own business now and we are going to see why this is so ! 

#Covid 19 and Life was never the same again ! Huge layoffs, all kind of business going bankrupt, unemployment and yet despite or we could nearly say thanks to this mayhem there are genuine, amazing opportunities to jump the Queue and turn adversity into a successful pivot in your personal and professional life.

Start Your Own Business is the Key to regaining control of your life in an unpredictable environment, but you need to know how to ! 

It does not matter if you are totally new to the game of taking responsibility for your income or you’ve been trying hard to make things happen without the success you need , the following advice should help you prop yourself up on the chair and turn the tide in your favor . So let’s go shall we?

If you have been on the verge of success, or think that you are due for it right now, there are a few words which I remember from a young and coming marketer that encapsulates most of the ills we are facing to concretize our business on line and move from dreams to genuine life enjoyment.

The first point is – you simply GOT to want “it”
Start your own business step by step knowing where you want to go is crucial to your success . 

Half hearted, half baked wishy washy hopes and dreams are not going to get you over the fence.
If they could have done, don’t you think you’d have been “there” long ago?

The second point is to spare no efforts and no “common sense” defining this “it”- What is “it” you actually want so bad that you are going to burn the midnight oil and your most stubborn own debilitating habits to reach?

Ever heard the comment:” if you don’t know where you are going , how will you know you got there?”

Where we are today is the result of where we steered the ship, our life ship, up to this point. Most of us did not make what we could have done with it.

If we do not like where we steered it, then the course, obviously was not right for the goal we had in mind- Even more crazy , we just perhaps did not even have a goal and just left it to the currents to land or strand us somewhere..

I am no boat person, but even I can see, this is not a smart, or safe tactic.

Third, now you at least have a clue as to why you are where you are-

Whether a storm or a dead end flat where nothing, nothing seems to happen. Or a roller coaster in between.

Again, we do not need a degree in nuclear physic to work out that if we UNDERSTAND how we got there, we can begin to re take conscious control of the steering wheel and make some serious efforts to change cap.

Fourth- Most reactions I have seen on line or in my previous encounter with otherwise lovely people is that we simply tend to gravitate where the noise is the greatest or where the light appears the shiniest.

As moth would tell you- if they were able to tell the tale after their legendary addiction- this again is far from the smartest thing we can do.
Most really precious gems are found below the surface, and you have to dig wisely to find them.

Bottom line- those who can truly bring us forward are seldom those whose trumpet sounds the loudest , or methods follow fleeting trends.

  • So Now you know-
  • Something did not work out all that well for you despite an undisclosed amount of efforts.
  • Or you are so filled with doubts and confusion that you have no confidence in been able to achieve .. [ add any goal of yours here]
  • You are standing at a cross road looking at the set of traffic lights .. 

Let’s de-dramatize- there is nothing extraordinarily different to this situation than to ordinary life itself.

Some of use are lived by life
Some of us decide to live their life

In the same way here, we can decide, clearly and actionably that we are going to turn the tide and finally get in control of what we do. In this case in control of what we earn. And in control of the life style we decide we are going to manifest.

Warning – this is no recipe to materialize a wish fairy , but a way to get from zero happiness to graded advances in giving back some sense in your life , a purpose you chose through your business venture and very importantly a methodology and applied support to achieve it.

You see I have been taken aback by some “advisers” and business growth marketers. When I went to seek specific help, I was made to feel totally inadequate and unworthy of their attention, efforts or precious advice .. until .. well I ‘d made it to 6 7 or 8 figures business.

There is something not so fortunate about this. Where as I understand from living it in some occasions with my own clients that some of us are simply untrainable and un-helpable, there are a lot of us who, with a good dose of encouragement, good windscreen wipers to clear up the mud of confusion and initial bewilderment and focused help to strategize their business ideas- are going to become the entrepreneurs elite of tomorrow.

You Know you want , you have to start your own business to free yourself and regain your independence but you are still anxious ? I get this and this is why I am creating different options to help you out .

The point here is, if you can connect with those people- those who are ready and prepared to turn their life around and are going to stop at nothing until they have a well established business, with a success spelling strategy, a clearly declined plan to achieve stages and the know how to make all this happen, then you are in ( as I know from my own experience) for the most rewarding- albeit challenging ride you can get.

This really was the catalyst to this challenge – there is concrete, simple and step by step help at hand 

In the form of a 10 days challenge 

10 days of sheer immersion into turning your life around and creating the solid foundation of a sustainable and successful business that is created around your very own sweet spots – your passions, your longing. Translated into a business plan, a personal development map, a focus learning of exactly required skills that matches your goals ( and the universal one which is to learn when to outsource and delegate)

To get back to the few lines that triggered this article, the major point I’ve been trying to drive home , is that creating your ideal life style and business is all about clearly defined and simple steps that anyone with the right volition and mind frame can take.

Long term plan chopped into digestible bite sized action steps.That’s it.

Everything else is just noise.

Building a blog attending courses after courses making squeeze pages getting fancy logos done learning how to use the next latest and greatest tool…

All that stuff has it’s place but first and foremost, you need to work with a proven template that successful entrepreneurs the world over have found to be the key to sustainable growth and long lasting success.

This template starts with

  • analysing what your own personal character will thrive at
  • What will be the signature of failure for you even before you start.
  • Not everyone is slated to be President- or Steve Mc Queen, nor (thankfully!) Justin Bieber.

Yet everyone has sweet spots- inherent abilities which, when uncovered and understood, lead to their personal and professional blossoming

This is how this Challenge will start – with uncovering your own sweet spots and actively building your business leveraging them instead of battling with your own weaknesses.

Your business is about sales and promoting what makes you passionate, what you know, you will help others with .
It ís about doing the things that bring in the cash today.

Because until you have that experience of having actual money arrive in your bank account from your online marketing efforts, then you are just playing at being a home business entrepreneur.

You don’t yet have a real business.
Today however, you can’t afford to keep playing , you and your family needs consistent income to replace the shaky one you were dependent upon and probably is disappearing from under your feet without you been able to do one single thing about it

You are likely very busy doing a bunch of stuff at your computer, desperately trying to make this work.

But until those first sales come in, the concept is not yet proven.

Here’s the big problem: Most new marketers don’t know what they don’t know.

They don’t know where they should spend their time, because they’ve never had the experience of running a real online business that’s making steady sales.

If this is ringing true, there ‘s has never been a better time, whilst life as we know it has apparently come to a standstill to turn the tide of adversity in your favor and make sure that you either start or reboot making real income your target today .

My goal here is not to sell you something , but to become the catalyst and support to your own success.

That’s why I offer a 30 min call to help you get your feet on the ground and get the feel for what you can do to re take control of your life, personal and professional as well as your future.

If you have understood that to get to a destination that you have so far failed to reach on your own- for whatever reason- You need to turn to a guide that will help you make sure this destination first really correspond to your actual desire, helps you to map it and whenever needed is right behind to make sure you do what it takes to reach it, then we may be a fit.

Quite frankly, I am not interested in people who already “know it all”. IF they do, I ‘ll happily go and learn from them.

I am also not interested in forming a group of profesional day dreamers changing sails with each puff of wind –

Nor those who can be true contender on the Guiness Book of records of the biggest bags full of excuses.

If you recognize yourself in those categories, I really won’t be a good choice for you.

You have to be willing to realize that you do not know what you do not know. And engage in sufficient mature reflection to see if the above rings true to you and you are ready to pick up your own challenge right now. 

A 10 days challenge to help you see clearly and make conscious decisions 

If you know that you need help , concrete, sustained, focused and engaged with you every step of the way provided you take action on what we are doing– then, we should talk.

I am not aiming to get on Oprah’s show, Fortune 50 CEOs or in national news coverage-
although if that’s what YOU want, it can be achieved if you have the right credentials and frame of mind.

My simple goal is to show you how to dispel your own confusion, identify and turn your self doubts into your biggest achievment weapons, as I have, throughout my life, been very fortunate in finding amazing and genuine mentors in the fields I was seeking to engage with.

None of those extraordinary people were particularly well known outside their sphere of work and life – but their way of working step by step, focused, patient, clearing confusion and doubts, defining more and more clearly what was useful and that which was hindering has left me with a methodology that can be applied to more or less any field of human activity-

Because they are basic tenets of the way successful people work, analyse or visualize their goals and go about fulfilling them nearly single pointedly, like a dog with a bone.

Here then , again, if you are such a person ready and willing to create your own success life story in the next few days and weeks.

let’s talk here

Are you like a dog with a bone?

Why a private conversation ?


  • You need to be sure to understand as I said your vey precise goals
  • Move from vague negatives to clear positives
  • Identify what talents, attractions, knowledge you have to position your core business and offers
  • Identify your weaknesses that are holding you back and learn how to fix them ( 3 different ways! )
  • Decide on what best course of action is going to move the needle quickly for you – yes we have various programs, including a fast track 10 days challenge I mentioned above , coaching and mentoring from helping you to get your head straight to teaching you how to get things done.


But there is no one size fits all and the call serves to identify what is the best way to combine our ressources to fulfill your immediate needs without bloating your head with all kind of stuff you dont yet need.

I also want to make sure that if you want to join the 10 days challenge, your mind, your heart, you guts, all of you is IN THE CHALLENGE. It is not necessarily difficult, but it is not easy either. I want to make sure that you are ready for taking full advantage of it or nudge you in something which will help you reach the challenge in a little while .

So questions? Ask here

Ready to book a decisive call for your future? Click here
Please only book this free call if you really are going to attend.
My diary is very full and it will make it easier for others to get the space.


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