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3 Simple Steps to a successful Personal Assessment

Our Personal Assessment are like the check up at the doctors.

It has nothing to do with judging how good you are but its principal benefit is to make you realize just how much you have in your own ressources that you have never thought of as valuable or noteworthy.

In fact most people ignore their own skills and this is a real shame especially when it comes down to decide on a new important turn in your life such as changing or quitting a job, it is amazing how much we already have at our disposal which is going to be of wonderful use for our future clients !

This could be skilled acquired during education but more often they are processes that you have developed through your interests, your hobbies, your passions, that only whilst sharing a conversation in a personal assessment you discover the value and remember their existence!

check up personal assessment

What is the purpose of a personal assessment ?

First it will help you

  • get a real picture  of where you are at
  • What are your motivation to want to change te course of your work or even your life
  • define with greater clarity where you want to be in the short, medium and long term
  • take into account all aspects of your life to come to a confortable decision
  • Remove the feeling of isolation, confusion, overwhelm that plague most moves towards personal independence

The three Simple Steps of your successful Personal assessment .

Step one – book the appointment and use the cheat sheet you will get after your booking to get fully prepared

Step 2 . Engage honestly with the person who is supporting you in your personal assessment . We are only here to help you see how to use your talents and acquire new ones to make your life much better than today. Prepare questions, make notes and explore your options

Step 3 Go over the conversation ( they are recorded, so you can go back and reflect more in depth about the different topics !) Start implementing

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