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Online Presence : Do You Need It Fast ? Do You Need It Now ?

Online presence: An unavoidable step

You got your idea together – well .. mostly that is …well you think so

Anyhow it’s time to get that idea known and you need an online presence and maybe a little bit of help to refine and test that idea .

So you buy into a blogging course or a program that’s supposed to tell you how to get yourself on line – You know the site, the blog, the membership or e-commerce you need to get to the real core of the matter .

Problem is you are full of excitement at the thought of finally getting “there” but things don’t work the way the course or the program says it should.

You insist , ask around for advice, kick a few ideas around ( and sometimes a leg of table or 2) but still “it”does not want to do what “it “is supposed to .. (Tech stuff is like that.. there ’s always a hick somewhere even for professionals) .online presence needed

Meanwhile your core idea, that which drove you to make all those efforts ( including financial ones!) is laying on its side waiting to be picked up and earn you the money it should..- because there is only 24 hours in a day and after weeks , months ( and in some cases I have known,, years ..) the main idea which was to replace your revenues or create better living conditions doing something you absolutely love to do and share…. well nothing has manifested, rather it got buried behind the deceptive facility of setting your working tool and getting the thing going . Still no online presence you can rely on !

All you have to show for it right now is … well the bill for the program the was supposed to solve all the issues you have and none of the pleasure ( nor financial rewards) .

So if this is where you are or suspect you’ll end up and you want to be smart concentrating your time actually dealing with exposing and promoting your idea rather than getting into further 2 and 8’s I have the solution for you .

Our small team has a single obsession : getting you unstuck and moving towards pivoting your life towards the freedom and fulfillment you want.
Trying to unravel why some tech somewhere refuses to do what you think it should does not belong to your end game. That’s where we step in

We sit with you and look at what you want to achieve to get your online presence set up

  • Where you got to
  • Then go about fixing things so it actually works and you can take over the running of your site over – with clear , personalized instruction and the option to ask us to fix anything more serious or simply to keep things ticking over nicely for you – flexible and entirely up to you

Because you are not launching into becoming website experts , but you have a specialty , a passion that needs a tool to be known and that’s what you signed up for in your mind.

So if that’s where you are at ( or fear you are close to throwing the baby out with the bath ) , because you realize that’s not what brings you the revenue you know you can generate with dealing with the core idea you have, I invite you to book a call now.

We only take 8 projects per month and we only have a couple spaces left in October. The call is there to cut all the necessary to and fro. Before it you’ll find a questionnaire which helps both you and I get to know exactly what you are trying to achieve and where you are at with it .

Whether you want to launch into physical products , services or some form of educational program, you want to be professional and get to the selling part functional fast and now. There is no cutting out having an online presence !online presence myhow2guide

  • •Our prices are all inclusive so when we tell you here is what you get and here is the price for it, there are no hidden surprises, no extra charges for the items we have agreed upon on the list .Some ideas of what you will need to put in place are
  •  website name,(URL)
  • SSL,
  • fast and secure hosting you can rely on with a customer service you can speak to anytime of the day or night ,
  • theme,
  • relevant plugins,
  • auto responder,
  • connection with social media ( we can even create the accounts for you if you need that )
  • E commerce if it is part of your plan ,
  • Payment gateway

Need a site / an online  presence in other langages? We offer native French and German options too ..

But that ’s not all I can offer you
If you feel you want to check your idea out ( blog, project, program, etc ) and / or the best way you can implement it, you can do so in the initial call – I have a coaching part which you can look at if and only IF you think it will get you forward faster, better than what you achieve on your own .

This way however, if we need to adjust your requirements for your online presence, we can do so without having to go back to the drawing board, spending more of your precious time and money to get you where you need to be .

Click here to book your call

So who am I to offer such a flexible, dynamic service?
My name is Liane Montagne and for years I have helped clients get unstuck – in their business and their life , pivoting towards more inner satisfaction and tangible results.

Nowadays I deal more exclusively with well established companies but as we take more colleagues on board and I see the real trouble most people have to ben get to the starting line, I have decided to open up a few places to help those of you you get that your time is wasted trying to get things up that will prevent you from your core execution .

2020 has proven to be a challenging period for most of us and 2021 is just round the corner full of equal uncertainties.
One thing is for sure though is that people who are scared to go out have shifted their attention to the web more than ever .
They need your specialized help whether you produce or sell the items they want or you teach them a skill they need . We have done business with online requirements this year than ever before and we are not the only ones.. People for various reasons are primed to do more and more without moving from their couch and you know that this is why YOU also need to be in front of them asap. Otherwise your competitors will.

You have now  barely month to get ready to produce revenue and truth be told most of the buying will take place between now and December

online presence in 3 weeks or less


You got the choice between keeping on trying and hoping for some miracle to take place so you can concentrate on selling your idea your project or making absolutely sure you concentrate on those crucial holiday and New Year sales you need to get your vision fulfilled .

What will it be ?

If after our call I know we can help you get your online presence swiftly up, we’ll get your site with the agreed specs within 3 weeks or less ready for you to use as planned. However, no false scarcity, it is obvious that we do not have dozens of openings. We are very busy as it is with our clients wanting to upgrade their game and we only take on very serious candidates who understand the value of what is offered here .

If you really want to do it yourself we also have a specialized course here 

A genuine, very serious shortcut to implementing your project without wasting time on things which are not only preventing you from earning  but in fact costing you , precisely because during that time , you are not selling

If you aren’t selling during the peak of the year, when are you going to start doing so?

Click here to book the call

Stop dreaming, wishing, hoping or getting frustrated and discouraged

Click here to book your call and get that unavoidable online presence set up in 3 weeks or less 

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