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Do You Need Mentors?

Why You Need Mentors

You cannot know everything there is to know about how to get where you want to be in life. While it’s possible to learn the needed skills, this will take time and likely a lot of money.

Instead, what if you had someone (or a group of people) who can help guide you to success?

We need mentors  who are currently  where you want to be.. and they have the leadership qualities to get you there

The relationship you have with a mentor can be an official one, or it can be informal such as following in the footsteps of someone you admire. Mentors have experience and have gone through the growing pains towards success.

They will know what kinds of training you may need or skills to develop.

More importantly, mentors can give you needed feedback on what you are doing right and wrong during your development. This kind of advice is invaluable. You don’t want a mentor who will hold back.

Make sure you give them full permission to be completely honest with you. Most worthwhile mentors will have no problems doing this for you. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but you will be better off than having mentors who sugarcoat your progress. That won’t help you in any way.

The mentors you choose should have the experience or skills you desire to learn.
they should also know how to pass those leadership skills to you . SOme people are excellent at doing things but they suck at passing their knowledge on and that won’t help you in any way either

We need mentors we can ask a lot of questions to !

Be sure to ask lots of questions about what they expect from you and ask what you can expect from them. This expectation is important. Otherwise, you won’t have any means of knowing whether the mentoring relationship is working. If someone you are considering to mentor you takes issue with you asking these questions, this is a sign they may not be right for you. It can also be more difficult to sever the relationship once it has begun.

Should you pay if you need mentors?

It depends on what you currently have available at your disposal and what you intend to receive from this kind of arrangement. If, as previously mentioned, there is someone who can act in a mentor capacity and they are willing to do this for free, then consider doing it. But remember it is rather rare to have someone really qualified, with real leadership skills that is willing – or have even got the time for that matter to help you without some kind of remuneration . This is not always financial, sometimes it can be a different arrangement .

On the other hand, paying for someone to help you lets you hold them accountable. This is a crucial aspect of mentoring. Without it, you could be spinning your wheels, going nowhere. You don’t want to waste time as the entire reason to take on a mentor is to save time in getting you further in your development.

Did you notice that we said need mentorS?

One often forgets that there are many aspects to acquiring the set of skills and the mindset to achieve success in your endeavours and to develop real leadership skills of your own. It is necessary to match your mentor’s skill levels to where you are at. Imagine for instance that you want to learn how to run the fastest 100m , ever.. but you haven’t even gotten started with any training regimen.
Do you think that someone like Usain Bolt , despite been the fastest guy on the planet would be the right first mentor? probably not .

So as well as looking at fulfilling the need for a mentor, you need someone to help you plan the different stages that you will need to get to those coveted leadership skills and then to search for the right people who will guide you step by step towards your goal

This is what the famous saying refers to :
“We don’t know what we don’t know “

and this is why I have chosen to make sure that we first fill this gap.
Getting you to

  • list all your skills ( we often forget how much we can do !)
  • really grasp what you are trying to achieve
  • help you make sure that your goals and the leadership skills you want to acquire will fulfil both your financial needs and keep you happy
  • and finally create the list of skills and mindset that will get you there with the right mentors at each level !Some people will be reluctant to choose a mentor, let alone several .
    They feel that, if you spend long enough on the web , someone will give you the answer to your questions > can you already see the flaw in this reasoning ? Two flaws even

First spending a lot of time is far from free. Whatever we do in life Time is the great master that equalizes all chances. Besides the fact that we never know how much Time is left to us, what we spend in time searching without knowing exactly what is the best solution we should find is clearly ,, a waste of time, energy and money. Free in this case is not. Because if you had understood the need for mentors we keep mentioning about, you certainly would be earning good money during the time you are looking for, what you are looking for.

The second point reminds of the saying I mentioned above and we never seem to be sufficiently aware of and that is that we dont know what we don’t know .

One of the main quality whilst developing leadership skills is to be aware there is always a world ahead to discover and conquer!

People have found solutions to problems we do not even know exist well before we got interested in our activity as demonstrated by this amusing short video , the right call at the right time can avoid dramatic accidents ..

Seth Godin mentions in his books on tribes that to become a leader you need a lotof charisma , but the truth is that to lead begets charisma . The more you practice , the better you’ll become whatever the activity you engage in .

The question is how long will you need to determine what was the best , the right direction ? Does it not make sense to seek the person, and recognize that the need for mentors is a sane attitude which gets us to the goal faster than fumbling in the dark usually does?

Did you ever felt the need for mentors but did not know how to go about finding the right person ?Let me know in the comments below and do not forget to join our facebook page hereWhat to do next ?

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