Automate your business with Zapier

Trigger smart automation with Zapier. code PRO-ZA1

Success and scaling depends on a well thought through organization and to achieve it , we need a robust and simple way to make our various apps “talk to each other nicely”.

This is where Zapier comes into its own, as the app allows you to set relationships and integration with all major other tools and social media plateformes.

In this program, you are going to become rapidly familiar with ninja integrations you may never have thought possible, if it was not for Zapier! Trigger an action with one app, and segment the results to trigger other behaviours automatically in others is what zapier is amazingly good at.

When you become more proficient< I also have an advanced course for you , but I really recommend taking this program first to familiarize yourself with the basics and make your life so much easier , financially rewarding and fun!

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