Choose the right program for you

Choose the Right Program For You

Avoid a lot of frustrations and  choose the right program for you from day one!

I guess that as you are reading this page, you are already aware that you want and can make your life a lot better than it is today by gaining personal independence and organizing your life around your interests, your passions, your ideals.

In order to do that though there are several pitfalls to avoid ranging from lack of confidence and anxieties, difficult choices as to what to do next, to over confidence and lack of methodology that will generate confusion, overwhelm and huge waste of time and energy.

choose the right program for you whatever your activity

So you realize you need help but here comes the next hurdle. There is a proliferation of courses, of “free” advice on the internet and you have no idea where to start . Hardly surprising because we often forget that before you have acquired a certain amount of experience, we do not know  what .. we don ‘t know which makes choose the right program for you incredibly difficult too!

Where this sounds logical for other areas of our activities, when it comes down to the most important area of our lives, we just become oblivious to the fact , that creating a new activity requires a set of skills we can’t even recognize at first glance.

Most people are too busy working to be alive
Don’t repeat the mistake by becoming too busy creating something you don’t realize the requirements of .. Hence

Choose the right program for you from day one !

and the last thing you want is to get yourself from the frying pan into the fat.
Getting your own activity going starts with a plan in several steps and not getting lost in programs which assume you have a foundation you don’t have or are laboring over issues you already master very well.
So your first path to success is to find a way to put together all the steps that lead you from where you are to where you need to be and to acquire a real overview of it.
It will help you move to the next step which is to plan on the order you need to acquire those skills

Let’s recap what to choose the right program for you means:

  • get a clear picture of where you want to be – without taking into account any difficulties on the way, because those , by nature can be overcome with careful, efficient panning
  • Understand what skills you need to be where you want to be ( hint : this is often the tricky part as you probably won’t have the experience to know it yet in full ) . This is where getting a personalized assessment with someone who already knows what you need to know is an enormous advantage, you end up with a plan tailored to your specific situation, needs, availability, timing and SUPPORT!
    read this page to see if this is for you ! : This is how I can help you in this stage 
  • Once we know what skills you will need , another step is too often forgotten and it is to make an exhaustive list of what skills you already possess . It’s human, but amazingly most people tend to overlook what they know, what they can accomplish though specific experiences because they consider them .. natural and unimportant.  Yet they are often ressources you can draw on and advance your project tremendously with, once you understand how you can utilize them !As we now understand why we need to choose the right program for you at the right time as well, you can now start by looking at our three levels of programs
  • Foundation Programs
  • Intermediate – consolidation programs
  • Advanced- expansion programs 

choose the right program for you now

Whether your chosen path leads you to work primarily online or not, the foundation programs ensure that you understand how to connect with people important to you and your activity. We are thinking about clients of course, but not just, you will need to make strategic connections with people connected with your domain of activity and usually you find out about those people through events, searches, recommandations , blogs, social media, in short, you need to be able to create a presence with whom people will not be able to resist connecting with.

This is why our foundation programs are careful to introduce you to the basic of online communication – even made more relevant nowadays by the singular events that swipe the planet since the beginning of 2020..

Foundation programs also ensure that you understand what it means to conceive, create and run a successful activity taking into account planning, managing and growth. More on this here  

Choose the right program for you also means that you will be able to learn to manage your activity by updating and consolidating both your skills and operations because we do the job for you of keeping in touch with what works TODAY and changes in consumer behavior, or legal constraints .

Finally we also have a whole series about expanding on your success- Do you know that unplanned, to fast success can precipitate the death of your activity just as easily as poor performance?
Whether because you choose the right program for you or you move towards a more consulting support, my team and I can still accompany you on your growth story !