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To know About us

is to get the importance of getting solid bases as foundation of a successful business.
Specially today, everything is turning on its head and many of us no longer have the luxury to be employed or have the security to remain in their jobs.

For many those upheaval times are the final trigger to decide to become independent and retake control of their life, but the first question is “where Do I Start ? “

Whether you want to set up a brick and mortar business or work remotely from home, there are certain skills in choosing your activity, creating products and services, teaching or improving people life that are common to the highly connected time we live in.

Not to mention the fact that there is a lot of anxiety in choosing your next move. What are you going to become involved with? do you have the right training for it? Do you have skills but no confidence or confidence but lack certain skills ? Who can help you see clearly to avoid the pitfalls of launching blindfolded , who can be near you to help support you as you gain both confidence and experience?

What ever you do, you need to know what those skills are, how relevant they are to what you have in mind, how they can even save you from choosing to create a business that will have no chance of succeeding. Perhaps because no one is interested or perhaps because no one understands what benefits you are truly offering them .

But let’s assume that what you want to create as an activity or a business products and services that people are actually interested to learn about or buy from you. Maybe then you have all the skills related to your niche to make a marvelous job of it. Unfortunately, no one ever hears about it, because you do not know how to make your self known and therefore you are not getting any clients.

Despite your skills, you are doomed to fail but this can easily be fixed .

So back to About Us  and why you really learn to master the internet , even though your activity may not seem to have anything to do with it.

When I first got back into the business world after years of retreat, I realized that, in the past 12 years, the world had changed tremendously. People’s expectations, ways of thinking ,of learning , of buying were fundamentally different and since we were at the beginning of the new millenium, we were also heading for a much heavier use of the internet.

Websites had become an integral part of presentation, emails a huge boost in communication.

Did you know for instance that Google loves the page About us?

And there fore if you have a site and a blog that misses this important step, you are likely to suffer without knowing why…
It was the days where google was growing its influence to become the gorilla in the room and despite all the excitement about life moving online it was extremely difficult to create the sites, let alone a whole activity based on internet .

You had to be a constantly updating programmer and it took over an hour to create the framework of a page. It was all about creating a new world which was ripe with opportunities.

Today things are incredibly simpler in terms of learning how to make yourself known on the technical level, but I created this site because people who want to set up an activity to replace their current job or lack thereof often think that just wanting will do the trick.

Problem is they don’t know what they don’t know and will get lost in thousands of opportunities and confusing options and always end up giving up or loosing their energy and financial ressources trying to fix issues that they should not have met in the first place, if they had been advised correctly.

About us Clarify where you want to be

Time is the most valuable asset we have, it cannot be retrieved, replaced or extended.
So I created this site to make sure that all those who needed to create a meaningful and life sustaining activity around their own passion and skills could do so safely and rapidly .

How do we do this ?

By creating steps by steps awareness and skills programs that show you what is achievable, how to achieve it and more over how to avoid all the time consuming, assets stripping potholes that everyone will encounter whilst acquiring the know how of creating a successful activity.

We look and help you determine key points

  • Is your business idea viable?
  • Are you ready to put it in place
  • what are the steps you need to go through to understand your market
  • who will be your customers?
  • Are the customers you have in mind qualified?
  • How do you create products and services they will want to buy from you
  • What do you need to know and put in place to find them – or better let them find you ?
  • what are the skills you need to learn to do so?
  • How do you optimize your time and ressources
  • How do you cope mentally and psychologically with becoming your own boss, or turning your existing activity into a successful venture ?
  • How do you define, refine and create an execution plan ?
  • Where to turn when things go wrong ( they always do at some point!). who can you trust to guide you?
  • How do you scale your business
  • How do you keep up with advancing technology without getting drowned ?
  • How do you keep on the pulse of rapidly evolving mentalities in your client base?there is just so much to learn that even finding a leading thread becomes a constant battleThis blog and the programs which accompany it are there to remove that thorn from your foot .Myhow2guide is about
    presenting  the big picture of what there is to know and how to choose what YOU need to know to pursue your dream and be successful at it.We unfold the picture step by step so you are neither confused nor overwhelmed and you understand the fundamental basis you cannot ignore unless you want to waste a lot of time

To do that, I have a small team of dedicated colleagues who help me putting bite sizes explanations and modules together that you can access week by week to build up your overall business acumen, clarify your vision, plan with confidence because you will have learnt how to acquire the right data to do so and make decisions based on actual results rather than assumptions.

Never forget , people need you, they need your experience  . What seems normal and without value to you is the key to someone else success that needs to know what you take for granted!

Take time to go through the blog to look at our programs  and do not forget to join our Facebook page 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you and helping you bring your skills and passions to a wide audience without confusion, overwhelm or that nagging feeling that you are alone to work it all out.

Liane Montagne

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